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Best Siding in Winnipeg


Siding for your home in Winnipeg  increases the protection factors from climatic conditions. It reflects heat and UV from sun away from your home. It improves the aesthetic features of your home. It creates a unique identity for your home. It also brings in harmony of architectural design with the roofing and other parts of your beautiful home.


The home architecture in Winnipeg is highly design intensive. Modernism in architecture started in the mid 20th century. Some of the most commonly found styles are Cape Cod, split level, federal, Dutch colonial and Victorian models. 21st century homes in Winnipeg have incorporated brutal architecture, post modernism architecture, minimalist art, and many other newly evolving styles. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular siding for the home architecture types in Winnipeg.

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Cape Cod Style Home

 The Cape Cod style exterior can accommodate stucco or hardy-board siding very easily. The roof is generally steep gabled. Central chimney, dormers, and symmetrical façade are some of the distinct features of Cape Code style home.

  • Hardie-board: hardy-board siding offers high resistance to climatic conditions, pests, and other forms of exterior damaging elements. It is highly resistant to fire, moisture, and heat. It retains the paint over a long time without fading. It is fiber cement with cement and sand as the major ingredients. It is easy to shape it according to the architectural design of your home and roofing structure. It can accommodate any kind of paint.
  • Stucco: Stucco is made by the combination of the aggregates, water, and a binding material. The literal meaning of Stucco is plaster. It can easily adapt to the Cape Cod style architecture due to its flexibility. It gives a smooth flow of architectural shape from the roof to the walls, windows, doors, and other architectural elements of your home. Modern stucco can also include the synthetic fiber and fiberglass ingredients. It enhances the exterior aesthetic appeal of your home. Stucco is easy to paint and requires minimal maintenance. It is resistant to wind, moisture, fire, heat and UV. It has a high durability factor due to its strong and flexible ingredients. Multiple layers of stucco may be required to increase the protection and durability factors.

Split Level Style Home

Split level homes are known for multiple sets of short stairs. They may lead to the living room, basement, kitchen, or the garage. Typical Winnipeg homes with split level architecture have one or two storey. The design is highly flexible. Windows are generally big and are raised over the lower level construction. Wood and vinyl siding are the most recommended ones.

  • Wood Siding: Canadian hardwood material has high tensile strength and resistance to climatic conditions. It is also resistant to termite, moisture, heat, and humidity. Horizontal wood siding panels are good for traditional Winnipeg homes. You can also coat it with synthetic fiber sheets or polycarbonate to make it resistant to external damages. Vertical panels can be highly aesthetic for the first and second storey rooms. Wood is easy to paint and retention period is longer. You can ask your siding contractor for the minimum required thickness to ensure enhanced protection and durability. Pre-painted and pre-designed panels with modernist patterns can increase the exterior architectural beauty of your home.
  • Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding is stylish, strong, durable, and resistant to variable climatic conditions. It is easy to cut and shape the material according to the precise architectural shape of the walls. They are available in pre-painted and pre-design forms. The contractors use the high quality adhesives to attach the siding. Or they can also use the fastening and joints to attach. Filling the gap between the siding and wall with insulation materials can give added protection from UV, heat, humidity, and water. The vinyl siding needs proper maintenance like cleaning and insulation replacement.  

Minimalist Architecture Home

Minimalist architecture homes in Winnipeg can have brick or stone siding to create the impression of depth. Steep triangular roofs with rectangular or square walls are the typical architectural designs. Single room homes with wooden or PVC partitions make the homes extremely simple, yet sophisticated.

  • Brick Siding: Brick is beautiful. It creates a distinct aesthetic appeal like no other material. You may choose to leave it unpainted. You can arrange them in various patterns to create the most modernist styles. Using the right kind of plastering can enhance the lifespan of brick siding by many years. It needs minimum maintenance procedures. It is highly resistant to fire, water, and harsh climatic conditions.
  • Stone Siding: Stone siding is stylish and elegant. It creates a feeling of a fortress around your home. It is highly durable and resistant to every climatic condition. You can opt for natural stone or stone veneer. It is a simple combination of cement and iron oxide. Stone veneer can be cut into custom shapes, based on the home architecture. Choosing the right kind of pigment can make it match perfectly with the roof color and style. It is highly resistant to fire, water, and humidity. Maintenance procedures are simple.

Post Modernism Architecture

Post modernism homes in Winnipeg use the most creative architectural styles. Imagination is the limit for the design and structural beauty.

  • Metal Siding: metal siding with interior layer of insulation can keep your home cool during the hottest seasons. It is due to the reflection of heat and UV. Choosing the right coating material can also increase the resistance to climatic conditions. You can paint the metal siding with the most imaginative color combinations.
  • Fiber Cement: Fiber cement is light in weight and flexible. At the same time, it has high tensile strength and is stylish in appearance. Shingles in various color combinations enhance the modernist appeals of your home. It is resistant to fire, water, and climatic conditions. You can create the best matching styles for the roofing and architectural model of your home. It is also affordable in its pricing.


The siding styles listed here are only suggestions based on practical experience of architectural model research in Winnipeg. You may choose any other style or the combination of the listed ones according to your preferences.